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Each week, I get email with good, solid questions from people like you about "Software SecretsExposed!". Often, there is one little nagging question in their mind that stops them buying the system today � the system that could potentially change their life!

Here are some of the questions I've received and the responses I returned:


Can a person really create software without writing any code?

My Response:

If it were possible, I'd be first in line to buy the magic bullet. It simply isn't possible. Someone will be writing the code for your software � it could be yourself, if you are programming-savvy or a freelance programmer. Doesn't matter. More importantly, "Software SecretsExposed!" has a two-fold purpose.

First, if you are a non-programmer, the course will inspire you with confidence. Confidence that virtually anyone can generate an idea for software � and by using the techniques I describe � create a living, breathing profitable piece of software.

You'll never be bullied by programmers who will try to impress you with their "so-called" knowledge � and then try to screw you out of hard earned money. You will learn how to use the step-by-step system to develop a "BluePrint" that describes, in perfect detail, how your software will "look-and-feel".

You find out how to leverage contracts to your advantage. And of course, you get some really great ideas for software � and how to effectively market your software when it's finished!

Secondly, if you are a programmer, the course's goal is to show you a process that has effectively worked for me in taking projects from mere ideas to hot-selling software. I've seen too many programmers can't effectively put their ideas down on paper � this alone has thwarted many projects from seeing "daylight".

You'll find tips that I've used to keep projects on track myself and in my professional life. And again, you the guide contains plenty of ways to generate software ideas along with proven marketing techniques you can employ � it's the complete toolbox!


Does your course teach a person how to program software?

My response:

Learning to effectively write software takes years. There is no shortcut to gaining this skill beyond creating thousands and thousands of lines of code. (Just like any hobby you might take up.) I've been writing code for 15 years, and I'll still learning.

So the answer is resounding 'no' � the guide wasn't designed to teach programming step-by-step. There are too many programming languages around to even attempt it. Moreover, you can find boatloads of these types of books at your local bookstore � and then you wouldn't have any need for "Software SecretsExposed!".

(If you have a specific programming language in mind that you are considering using, drop me a line � I can suggest excellent references you can pick up at Barnes & Noble. My $10,000 bookshelf is proof that I take my "hobby" seriously!)

This course excels at showing a person how to generate rock-solid software ideas and then translate these to paper � a skill all great programmers have. (Until I learned this technique, many of my projects floundered.) Step-by-step, you'll learn to create your software, on paper and in your mind, before a line of code is written. (For my own projects, I spend weeks creating the "BluePrint" � long before code is ever written.)

However, I do include tips in the course which budding programmers can use to become more effective in coding their own software. These are techniques I've learned and refined over the years that have made me a more productive programmer myself.


You've obviously created software and sold it before, can I take a look at one of the websites?

My response:

I have. These days, however, you aren't going to find me in the limelight � I spend most of my time helping others find success in making their own software dreams a reality. With my little one-person consultancy, BlueFoxLabs � my clients and I work together to refine their software vision, finding a competent programming team for the project � and we work together in building a strong marketing game plan.

(Serving as a CTO seriously crimped my desire to create a large company with huge overhead � part of why I'm proud of the guerilla strategies I've included in "Software SecretsExposed!".)

As a one-person show, it's becoming more and more obvious that I can't work with everyone I would like too � not enough hours in the day. "Software SecretsExposed!" fills the gap I can't personally fill. You'll find the same system I use, step-by-step, day-after-day tucked away in "Software SecretsExposed!". You'll be saving and making money � and you won't have to hire me! (Uh oh, better not tell my clients about this!)


Did you really visit Microsoft? Did you really get to go in a secret lab? Did you meet Bill?

My response:

I did visit Microsoft! And I really was as excited as I sounded in the previous page! For a long-time programmer, it was like visiting Mecca!

And yes, I did get to go in the secret development lab. Still can't tell you what I saw in there. (You thought I'd tell, huh?!) And no, I didn't get to meet Bill Gates � I don't remember where the Researcher said he was that day � but if I do next time, I promise to get his autograph and post it here!

(Here is a tip if you do want to visit Microsoft � check out their neat little museum. The kids will love it � it has all kinds of little interactive gadgets and computers you can play with.)


Look, I really really don't know much about computers, can I still use your course?

My response:

To make effective use of "Software SecretsExposed!", you need to be comfortable using your computer. Many of the decisions you make when you're putting your own software together are going to be based purely on your own experience using software day-in and day-out.

If you really are a "newbie" to this whole computer thing, please pass on getting my course � you'll end up disappointed. Give yourself another six-months, and email me again. We'll talk about it!


I'm a hard-core computer programmer, been doing it for a zillion years � how is "Software SecretsExposed!" going to help me?

My response:

"Software SecretsExposed!" is a complete guide to generating ideas, turning the ideas into software and making money selling the software. What is isn't � is a guide to writing software � there are brilliant guides available that fill that space.

However, this is the first guide (that I know of) which covers the process, from start to finish, in a way that can help the inexperienced and experienced programmer � turn their skill into a profitable part-time (and eventually, a full-time) business. Writing the software is only half the battle � you have to generate solid profitable ideas and then you have to convince people to buy the finished software.

That is where this guide shines for all classes of programmers.


BenJamin, I'm on the verge of buying your course, but something is holding me back and I'm just not sure what is it. Can you help?

My response:

On the outset of any project, the stakes seem huge. Especially when we talk about software. If you've never been involved in a software project, it almost seems like an unsurmountable project. However �

Think about a recent project or hobby that you might have taken up. Just thinking about it can make it overwhelming � but ironically, after you get started, you sit there wondering why you didn't try it or do it sooner!

Same thing with the Software Product Development business. After you've had a taste of the what is possible, you'll wonder why you didn't jump on board years ago.

I can't promise that you're going to make a million dollars if you buy "Software SecretsExposed!". Boy, I hope you can � but the reality is � success takes time, luck, tenacity and most importantly � passion. (Fortunately, we cover these early in the guide.)

For the price of the course, you can't lose. If you do buy it and start making use of it today � tomorrow you could easily have a part-time business selling your own software. Even if you shelf it for a year while you think about jumping into the business, you'll know you own the perfect guide � the moment you're ready.

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