"How I Made $142,113 in 5 Months Using the Secrets I Expose in this NEW Guide (with just one project!) AND How You Can Do It Too!"

Dear Internet Friend,

It's insane. The nerds have won!

Bill Gates, America's ultimate and richest geek � has a "net worth" of well over thirty billion dollars. (To give you some perspective � compared to what the average person earns, Bill Gates could purchase a $300,000 Lamborghini Diablo for about $.31!)

Three of the five richest people in the United States have one thing in common � they built their massive wealth

� By Creating Software!

Hundreds of software millionaires have built their software empires by following the same pattern over-and-over:

  • They develop a hot idea for software...
  • ...transform these ideas into best-selling software and then...
  • ...rake in dump truck loads of cash by offering it to millions!

But you're asking � what does that have to do with me?

If you've ever dreamed about building a business that can stand the test of time, that can deliver consistent massive profits, that doesn't take a genius to create and maintain � you can now get your hands on the ultimate step-by-step guide to the secrets of the software business! (I'll tell you more about its secrets in a second!)

Your dream can now be a reality!

You see � these companies want you to think that developing software is too hard or too expensive. They want you to believe that software development is only for the elite � the super-smart or the super-powerful.

But you know what �

� "That's a Big Fat Load of Bull!"

Look � I'm no stranger to the software business.

I've been developing software for the last decade. I've created dozens of powerful software applications � some that span hundreds of thousands of lines of code in length. I've commanded an organization as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

If there is one thing I know � it's software!

But � you know what I finally figured out?

The secret to creating massive software profits boils down to three simple steps:

  • Get a Killer Software Idea. Companies spend millions of dollars engineering "processes" to generate software ideas. What a joke! All you need is a system that consistently delivers hundreds of software ideas to your doorstep � day after day.
  • Building the Software using a Time-Tested Proven Blueprint. You've seen it � software that just plain sucks. It sucks because someone forgot to use a time-tested proven system for designing their software. They get lazy and guess what? You pay for it. All you need is a system that gives you the step-by-step blueprint that delivers great software everytime.
  • Making the Software Available. Every year, software companies like Microsoft, IBM and Sun spend millions of dollars promoting and marketing their software. What? Are they crazy? (Yes.) All you need is a system that delivers proven strategies � to generate massive low-cost and free exposure to your software and techniques that get people to buy � right now.

That's it!

Three steps stand between you today � and a software empire that could have your name on it tomorrow! (Imagine THAT for a second! Exciting, huh?)

The magic is that the formula doesn't require you to be a software programmer. In fact � I hope you've never seen a line of code!

Nope! Not one!

Let me boil it down... In the next 30-minutes you could have, in your own two hands, a step-by-step formula for churning software ideas into software gold.

I was determined to create a guide that could show anyone can create, build and sell software � and, in doing so, exposing the secrets that mega-software corporations were keeping under lock-and-key. But why?

Let me tell you a little story �

In March, I was invited to Microsoft. I was going to meet one of Microsoft's most Senior Software Developers (they call them "Researchers"). He was going to take me on a tour of the "campus" � complete with beautiful parks, amazing buildings and impressive monuments.

I had never been on Mr. Gates's turf � and was thrilled to be able to see it for the first time!

When I walked into the engineer's office, he was grinning. (Hey, I just thought he was a generally happy guy!) After a few minutes of small talk, he showed me an image on his computer � a photo of a beautiful Ferrari, glowing in this wild deep purple hue. I thought he had found the photo at Car and Driver's website.

"Ben, can you believe this is my car? My wife and I flew to Italy to watch as it was being built on Ferrari's assembly line. We wanted to make sure the color was perfect!"

As you can imagine, I was floored!

That was HIS car in HIS driveway!

So I asked �

"How long have you been working here at Microsoft?"

He told me that he'd been there just under 10 years. And noted � he was thinking about retiring soon.

As we toured more of the "campus", I discovered that Microsoft has created nearly 21,000 millionaires and multi-millionaires in its brief 20-year existence.


The Engineer invited me into one of Microsoft's Secret Development Labs � if I promised not to tell anyone about what I was getting ready to see. I leapt at the opportunity! (I must have looked like a dog with my tongue wagging!)

Using a keypad, he punched in his secret code and the door opened. (I thought I was on the Starship Enterprise!) I can't tell you much � but I'll tell you this � Microsoft spends "truckloads" of money in researching new ideas and new technologies.

He showed me around � demonstrating some of the "cool stuff" (he liked saying that) that Microsoft would soon be releasing to the public. (Hint: Think X-Box-ish!)

While we were in that Lab, he stopped, thought for a moment and said,

"Ben, everyday it still amazes me � every single day we're generating killer ideas, using our magic system to turn these ideas into software, and getting people to shell out millions of dollars to buy our software all around the world.

"Listen � we're taking a $20,000 operating system and burning it on to a CD that costs us pennies. In any other industry, you measure margins with a razor � but not with software industry! We have fat margins!

"Look � there is no question in my mind or Bill's mind (he calls him Bill!) that creating and publishing software is and will continue to be the most profitable business in the world for the next 50 years!"

I was dumbfounded.

And I was mad! I was mad that companies like Microsoft thought they had some kind of magic pixie dust they could sprinkle on their ideas � and turn them into raging software successes!

Not true!

But he was also "dead-on" � there is no single business in the world that can match the sheer potential of the software business. Bill Gates is living proof!

I needed to leave, thanking him for the time and the ultimate tour. (He even offered to give me a spin in his Ferrari � but he didn't bring it to work that day because of the rain. Darn Seattle weather!)


This meeting became the birth of my project "Software SecretsExposed!" TM. Microsoft, IBM, Sun and other software companies thought that they could guard the secrets to their software success � but they were "dead wrong".

What a person needed to replicate Microsoft or any other software company � was simply � a system.

How could I take on these massive giants?

I devised a plan...

On the six-hour flight home, I began sketching an outline of the secrets I wanted to expose � absorbing my experience as a programmer and a marketer.

I began to outline a step-by-step system that would allow anyone, regardless of their level of technical skill � to be able to generate hot software ideas, turn the ideas into software, and publish them to the world for hefty profits.

It was time...

I bolted the door to my study and began squeezing my brain for every last nugget of experience I had stowed away in my years of experience. Then I went through my reams of notes I had archived over the years � tips, techniques and strategies I had learned from my bosses, coworkers and friends online.

I had no plans to hold back anything!

Six weeks later I emerged, drained �

I had laid it all on the table.

It was all there � a book chock-full of all the secrets of software business � completely naked, completely EXPOSED!

I zipped it off to a programming buddy of mine, Rick Smith. He's been in the software business as long as I have. I wanted to know if I was even close to being on the mark. If it wasn't up to par, I knew Rick would be honest with me. (As painful as it would be to hear.)

This is what he came back with � for anyone who wasn't sure if "Software SecretsExposed!" TM was right for them:

What Rick Said...
If you're looking for a knock-out guide to creating software products, look no further than Ben Prater's "Software SecretsExposed!".
Ben spills the beans in this massive "how-to" expos�. In fact, I found myself wishing Ben hadn't given away so many of my secrets for the quick-and-dirty tricks to developing hot software products.
Ben starts you from the beginning, showing you how to brainstorm hot ideas for software products that people want right now. He gives you dozens of website links you can check out this very minute to see what people want. And it won't cost you one red cent to check them out! He also reveals how to make sure you have a software winner before you write one line of code!
Next, he'll show you how to plan the software project so that your final product is one you can be proud of. Believe me. Planning is usually the hardest part of a software development project. But with Ben's special BluePrint method, it will become almost like child's play for you.
And finally, the marketing methods Ben reveals are worth the cost of this masterpiece by themselves. Millions of dollars are left on the table every year by software developers who don't know how to market their products. But with Ben as your guide, that won't be the case for you. You'll feel like you're an expert at marketing your own software products.
The only thing Ben doesn't do is write the software for you! If you develop software products or you've ever thought about it, you owe it to yourself to check out "Software SecretsExposed!". Because if Ben Prater and this e-book can't help you develop software products and market them, you probably should see a doctor right away because you're probably beyond help!
Rick Smith, "The Net Guerrilla" http://www.netguerrilla.org/
(26 years experience in the computer industry and author of "How to Use Your Computer Like a Tank to Roll Over Your Competition")

I guess I wasn't far off!

(Keep reading � I've included other comments by people that have had an opporunity to check out the course.)

Now let's get down to the nitty-gritty � let me show how my ultimate guide, "Software SecretsExposed!" delivers the goods �

How-To Techniques for Coming Up with Dozens of Software Ideas in Minutes...

You'll be amazed when you learn about the simple, proven techniques I use every single day to generate software ideas hand over fist!

Here are some of the little gems you'll unearth:

  • You'll watch as I develop several software ideas out of thin air. And I'll teach you the surefire techniques you can use to do the same thing. It doesn't take a genius � you simply have to know the keys for plucking killer ideas out of nowhere.
  • "How Your Hobby Could Be the Next Hot Selling Software Product." You'll see several examples of how you can take any hobby and transform it into a profitable software idea. It's so simple, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it!
  • Learn How to Get People to Throw Hot Software Ideas at Your Feet. Not only will you learn how simple this technique is � but I'll show you where to go to find these people. Too many people throw away money overlooking this technique!

That's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm throwing in a list of 24 sizzling places you can immediately go to online to get tons of free software ideas. Before long, you'll have so many ideas that your eyes will pop and your brain will explode!

Ok, ok... would you like to know what else you get in "Software SecretsExposed!"?

Let me show you...

How To Turn a Software Idea into Software Reality � with Zero Headaches...

I've watched year-after-year as people put together sloppy, buggy, useless software. As they come to me with the hope that I can resurrect the dead lifeless software, I point to one thing that would have solved all their problems � my "BluePrint" system.

Ouch, imagine the money and time those people have wasted forever!

For the first time, I'm going to reveal step-by-step the juicy details on how the "BluePrint" system works.

The BluePrint wasn't concocted overnight. It's a time-tested bulletproof system I've used and refined over the last 10 years.

How do I know it works?

One web-based application I created � contained over 150,000 lines of code. (Think War and Peace!) But with the "BluePrint" system I followed � it was designed, built, and worked effortlessly!

You'll find the BluePrint a life-saver, worth many times what I'm charging for you to own this once-in-a-lifetime system.

Before going any further � I want to let you know that if you're busy, serious, and have the budget, you can hire me to create your BluePrint. I love creating BluePrints for my clients. Each BluePrint I've crafted � has saved and made my clients thousands of dollars.
Or you can save yourself over $2,400, and create the BluePrint yourself using the innovative step-by-step system you'll learn in "Software SecretsExposed!".

Get this � with the BluePrint technique you don't need to know how to program a computer. You never have to touch a line of code, you don't need to know your ASP.NET from your C++!

It's crazy! But...

If you are a programmer, and you insist on writing code yourself � you'll get my time-tested system for writing ironclad code.

I divulge the five-star secrets I've been using to code faster, more simply, with less bugs � all while having fun doing it.

Building the Bridge to Software Profits Success �

In the final section "Software SecretsExposed!", I'll unload the goods on how to make your software irresistible � techniques that will have people pounding on your door, begging for your software!

There is no magic and there is no mystery to what motivates people to buy � but there are proven methods that work. Here's some of what you'll find in this section:

  • The 4 Steps to Packaging Your Product Perfectly. With steady sharp-shooter precision, you'll see what needs to go into your software's "box" � the magic ingredient list that will thrill your customers!
  • 17 "Zones" every Killer Website Must Have. In a blow-by-blow session, you'll get the goods to give you the unfair advantage over your competition.
  • The Magic "Booster Shot" You'll Learn to Rely On. This technique is like a giant magnet � it will suck visitors to your site and keep them coming back over-and-over. You'll also use this technique to get your buyers to zip back to your site on a regular basis and buy every new product you release!

Not only that, but we'll talk about how the "top dogs" leverage affiliate programs to grow their software sales consistently week after week. (Some report a 50% increase in sales using this technique by itself!)


Remember �

I want to show more that is in the guide, but I want to remind you �

Regardless of your technical abilities, "Software SecretsExposed!" will give you the step-by-step template you can use to:

  • Create Hot Ideas for Profitable Software...
  • ...Turn those Hot Ideas into Killer Software Even If You Can't Program your own VCR....
  • ...and Transform that Killer Software Into Colossal Profits...

It is a system that will work for anyone that is serious about making money, not just dreaming about it. (If you're a dreamer, don't order my system � we'll both end up being disappointed.)

Again �

You can use the system over-and-over, building your suite of software and building profits � until you simply can't carry the cash bag to the bank anymore!

Ok, that's not it!

Here are more of the Amazing Secrets, Tips and Techniques You'll Learn in the "Software Secrets-Exposed!" Course...

Look what else you'll be getting...

  • How to pick out the perfect software project � learn from the shipwrecked lessons of others �
  • Like a clever soldier in a field of mines, I'll show you the tricks to avoid becoming a battlefield casualty of a bad project...
  • Use my "Power Strategy" to scope out the competition and get them to blindly give away all the juicy details about their software � you'll love this technique! (I use this technique every day to spy on my competition!)
  • You'll get a sneak peak at the three top strategies every successful software developer employs �
  • Why you don't have to create perfect software � and who you can thank for this idea...

And you'll also find out...

  • How building software is exactly like building a house � and what you need to know to ensure your software is strong as a rock! (This may be the most important part of the whole guide...)
  • If you're in a hurry, I'll tell you how you can have software ready-to-go in 7 days...
  • Can you believe that thousands of dollars of software are being "dumped in the river" every week? You'll get the tools for building a turbocharged software money-vacuum!
  • You'll get the scoop on the two software styles you must absolutely understand before touching a project � and how to pick the perfect one for your project �

Think about this...

  • Hotmail gives us one of the secrets to how powerful software is developed � I'll reveal their little "secret"!
  • The "Next Generation Software Strategy" that no one knows about � and how to profit from it before they do! (Get a headstart � in six months, this market will be crammed with competition!)
  • My friends said I was crazy, but I unlock my toolbox � and you get to see every tool I use to hammer, torch and weld my way to successful software projects �
  • What all "Successful Idea People" have in common � I'm gonna tell you and you might be shocked!


  • How to leverage the Handheld Craze � what others are missing and how you can butt your way into the hot handheld market...
  • Using current events to ignite a software buying frenzy
  • You need to know about several types of software projects you should never, ever touch. I'll tell you which ones! (I wish someone had grabbed me by the shoulders and told me when I was starting out!)
  • Before you ever embark on your project, I give you the sure-fire tips to guarantee it'll be an "out-of-this-world" winner.

You'll have the front-row seat as:

  • I'll divulge my techniques for building your software on paper before a line of code is written � and you'll discover how this simple process will save you thousands of dollars every single time you use it! It's crazy!
  • My list of proven questions you must absolutely ask of any programmer who wants to work with you � these could be a lifesaver
  • How I use a magic little piece of paper to save my day, keep all my projects on track and keep me motivated on all my software projects. (I'd be dead in the water if I hadn't discovered it!)


  • How to "hypnotize" programmers into building your software project for free � you need to know about two of my techniques!
  • The "Deluxe Guide to Building the Ultimate Website" for your software. (I've been told this is worth the price of the system � all by itself!)
  • If you hire someone to build your software, you could lose your shorts � unless you read my red-hot guide to contracts.
  • Everyone asks me � "How Much Do I Charge for my Software?" I'll tell you � and I'll also give you a peep on tips you can use to boost your prices instantly!

You might want to know �

  • What one programmer taught me that keeps my support costs at virtually nil � by using my own customers! Shhh! Don't tell anyone about this!
  • How to Demo your software for "Maximum Profit Potential". I keep laughing � no one seems to get this right � but I reveal what secrets the gurus are using.
  • Don't have a merchant account to accept credit cards? No problem. You'll get the ultimate zero-cost source. Knowing this will save you a fortune!

And that's only the tip of the iceberg!

Imagine being able to wake-up each morning, sit down at your computer, fire up your email and see dozens of new orders for your software piling up.

"Instead of going to the grind every day � you could be creating interesting software projects, making wheelbarrows of cash and living the Dream Lifestyle!"

With "Software SecretsExposed!", you have the step-by-step process you need to go from Software Idea to Software Profits faster than you ever thought was possible.

Let me tell you...

These days, since I don't have employees anymore, I spend my free time flying stunt kites (it's one of my favorite hobbies), and while I'm doing it � I'm making more money than ever! (Even more than I made as a CTO! I'm thankful everyday for getting rid of that stress!)

I'm not tied to a boss or a time clock. My wife and I head out of town any time we feel like it. I work when I want and where I want. I wouldn't trade my lifestyle as a software developer � for anything in the world.

You see �

It could take you years and a small fortune to figure out how to build profitable software products. Now you won't have to. I did all the hard work over many years so you wouldn't have to.

In "Software SecretsExposed!", I reveal the world-class secrets in coming up with hot, profitable software. I show you step-by-step how to generate ideas for software, transform the ideas into software, and build pure profit by marketing it online.

"Ok, Enough Already ... Tell Me What I Get!"

Ok, let me lay it out for you �

Here's what you get with the full course:

You get my e-manual "Software SecretsExposed!" we've been talking about, the huge how-to guide that will reveal all the secrets you need to build a successful software business from scratch.

You'll get all the tips, techniques and strategies for making software building magic happen.

I've been told that I was nuts to offer this package for anything less than $250.

In fact...

One guy even said I should put a sticker price of $500 on it � simply to keep everyone's hands off the material � it was too powerful.

I gave some serious thought to the price � and realized that my goal isn't to get rich with this package. I'm making plenty of money doing exactly what the book is about � creating and selling software.

So �

Here's the deal � you get the entire package for � $149.00.

I'm confident you'll easily save $149.00 on any project you touch. In reality, I know you'll save much more � many hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

And once you've stop saving � you'll be making tons of cash with the project you just built! Many of the book's proud owners have told me that it has been a lifesaver for their own projects. (That's what every author strives for!)

WAIT! WAIT! For a Short Time �

I don't know if I should be doing this �

But if you order "Software SecretsExposed!" � you get the whole enchilada, including the bonuses you'll read about in a second, for $97.00.

Am I serious?

I'm serious � but my wife thinks I'm going crazy. (And maybe I am!) Everything � $97.00.

One other thing � I'm only selling 5,000 copies of this course. After the 5,000th copy is sold, I'm permanently retiring the course. You will never find it on the market again.

Huh? That's right � I'm interested in getting this course in the hands of people that are serious and ready to take action in the world of Software Product Development. And I want the people who are ready � to have the edge on everyone else.

Make me a deal � if you plan on grabbing "Software SecretsExposed!" and then just sitting on it � please, please don't buy it � you'll only be taking the opportunity away from someone else, okay?

Order "Software SecretsExposed!" today if you want to ensure you'll get everything for an incredible $97.00.

But that's not it!
I want to make SURE you can't say
'NO!' to this package...

I'm including three 11 bonuses (count 'em!) with this package � they'll be incrementally sent to you after you order.

Take a look:

FREE Bonus Gift #1:
Special 2020 Update Package!
Wondering what's hot and what's not in the world of software? Just listen to my special 15 minute audio update!
I'll tell you EXACTLY what you need to be focusing on - and what to steer clear of. Plus you'll learn about the latest online source for the greatest programming talent in the world!
And it's YOURS - absolutely FREE!
Value: $49
FREE Day-1 Bonus Gift #2:
"How I Made $4682 in 5 Days!"
In this bonus 16-page report, I'll tell you EXACTLY how I made my first $4682 with a TINY software tool that took me just MINUTES to create!
You'll LOVE learning just how easy it was - and how YOU can do the same - starting TODAY!
Value: $49
FREE Day-5 Bonus Gift #3:
Review: Two (2) Email Certificates Good for a $200 Review of Your Current Software Project
At any point during your project, you can drop me an email and ask for my take. I'll give you an honest refreshing review of your project from my experienced perspective.
If I can, I'll point out weaknesses and give you additional tips and techniques that'll help you create, build and market the perfect profitable project!
(I have to pull this bonus soon, I'm being overwhelmed with requests to do reviews. Expect this bonus to vanish shortly.)
Value: $400
FREE Day-7 Bonus Gift #4:
Ben Prater Interview & THREE Bonuses!
If I wanted to sell another $5000 in software, EXACTLY what would I do - in today's software market?
In this special 14-page interview, I answer the most common questions posed by readers. You'll gain a valuable insight into the software world.
PLUS - You'll receive a further THREE reports, predicting the future of the Internet and software giant Microsoft!
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WOW!! The Latest Version of My Book
"Elance SecretsExposed!"
I sell my book, "Elance Secrets - Exposed!" elsewhere for $297 per copy. And it's YOURS on day 15, for FREE!
I'll explain what sites such as Elance and Rent-a-Coder are all about - and how YOU can use them to get your software developed for just PENNIES. You'll also learn all about the common pitfalls you absolutely MUST avoid!!
I cannot express how AWESOME this bonus really is. The package contains my 71-page book "Elance Secrets - Exposed!", my "Low Cost Programming Guide", plus a sample contractor's agreement. No expensive legal fees!
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The Great Software Idea CookOff -
THOUSANDS of Ready-to-Run Ideas!
How would you like to tap into a directory of thousands of exciting new software ideas? We asked our readers for their BEST ideas - and compiled the best of the best into this guide!
You'll receive over 100 PAGES of pure software inspiration. Full descriptions, feature lists, and marketing angles.
Implement any ONE of these ideas and you could be in $$$$!
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This book tells it ALL. You'd be a FOOL to begin marketing without reading the secrets this guide EXPOSES.
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Listen to How the BIG GUYS Did It -
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On day 30, I'll share THREE exciting software success stories I've put together for you. I profile Scott Britner, Marc Sylvester and Jason Jantzi.
You'll read at least 10 PAGES of inspirational stories for each of these software leaders. PLUS - I'll throw in an HOUR-LONG telephone interview I did with Marc Sylvester, too!
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Take a Potentially HUGE BluePrint for FREE -
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PLUS - I'll share with you details of over 20,000 software companies, to help with joint ventures and analysis.
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Watch My FULL Video Seminar -
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On day 40, I'll send you the FULL video of my presentations. You'll watch as I show the eager audience just how SIMPLE it is to create real-life software! You'll even see LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS of how quickly software ideas can come out of thin air!
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Full access to our entire affiliate network -
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I put my calculator to the numbers � and you'll be getting ELEVEN BONUSES � worth almost $3,000 in additional value when you buy this package � for only $149.00 $97.00.

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Here's how it works:

Try "Software SecretsExposed!" for 90-days �

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BenJamin Prater

Note: If you are still not sure if "Software SecretsExposed!" is right for you, please read our frequently asked questions.

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P.P.P.P.S. I've seen a few "clones" of my system elsewhere on the Internet. If you've stumbled across one, double-check ALL of the details. NOBODY ELSE offers ALL of the information you'll find here - including the ELEVEN FREE bonuses and SPECIAL 2020 audio update! Order Now!

I promised you some additional comments by people that have the course in their library today �

Armed with the information available on this site, there is nothing stopping you from starting your own software empire today.
I had my cutting-edge BetAlerts software developed from scratch, using the techniques I learned in "Software SecretsExposed!"
And I'm NOT a programmer!
Jason Thompson
The secrets in Ben's "Software SecretsExposed!" ebook helped me create over six-figure incoming with ONE software title in less than three years. Ben is a genius at helping people find their idea, build it and make it happen!
Paul Bauer - Author of Dream-Minder
BenJamin �
I have now read more than half of your "Software SecretsExposed!" course. I have purchased dozens of courses from online marketers. In my opinion, your material is in the upper 1 or 2 percent of such offerings I have seen offered in the past several years, at any price.
We developed one idea to extend and market an existing software program we have, which will translate into $30,000 in revenues within 30 days. So, yes, we consider Software Secrets an incredible value � a very welcome addition to our development and marketing tools.
Hakim Chishti, CEO
IMC Digital Universe, LLC, New York
Hi Ben,
I have 3 excellent praises for "Software SecretsExposed!" and they all relate to you keeping your promises...
1. Everybody claims all meat and no fluff but you truly delivered on that promise. You can't say that about a lot of information products.
2. The layout and progression of ideas is totally logical and simple to follow.
3. I believe the thing that impressed me most was your ability to teach a complete novice the "A-Z" "nuts-and-bolts" of the software development business.
I'm starting to sound like your sales letter!
Thanks Ben!
Ben �
I want you to know that within 48 hours after getting "Software SecretsExposed!", I have started working on my very first software idea. The book gave me the facts and the system so that I have the confidence to go ahead even though it is new territory to me.
That is probably the most important part that anyone will get out of the material -- a sense of what needs to be done and the tools and motivation to actually get out of their fear zone and get it done.
Steve Frew
I recently bought Ben's book, "Software SecretsExposed!" and from the minute I started reading it, it was un-put-down-able. I read the whole thing in an hour and then went back and made careful notes. Like many, I had some notions about developing software, but had no idea what to do next.
People I spoke with told me to stop dreaming, since there was no way I was going to compete with the big guys. Frankly speaking, Ben's book changed all that. I now find myself right in the middle of a project, and my excitement level hasn't waned yet. If you're serious about getting into the software product development business, buy this book. Read it carefully. Apply what you learn. And don't look back.
For me, the section on blueprinting was the most useful, because that is the very nub of any software development endeavor. Ben unfurled before me a lucid, methodical roadmap. All I had to do was follow. I also greatly enjoyed learning about marketing, sales, and follow-up.
I am especially interested in integrating web-based apps with client-based ones, and Ben wonderfully showed me the way. He's approachable, very knowledgeable, and wisely helpful with his critiques, comments and suggestions.
For me, Ben's book is perfect. What more can I say.
Nirmal Dass
[email protected]
Dear Ben,
Thanks for the outstanding job you've done with "Software SecretsExposed!" I have had a couple of ideas I think have lots of potential � but I am a programming "Dummy" who cannot even fantasize about being able to produce a marketable product myself. The programmer I've been trying to work with has "too many irons in the fire", so I just can't get him motivated to complete my project � even thought he has it about 75% completed! Talk about frustration!!
Your manual came along at a time that I was starving for this information. It has given me new direction, and I know now that not only will I find someone who WILL complete the project already started, but I know how to find others to work on my other ideas, complete them, and even how I will market them.
I feel now that 2002 will be a banner year for business, regardless of what the economy in general does!
Scott Andrews
Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with your new package, "Software SecretsExposed!"
This has to be, by far, the most informative and easy to understand information ever written on the subject of creating profitable software � even for someone like me who doesn't know a lick about programming � and with the information in your package � "I Don't Need To!"
Your writing style is superb � the information is presented in such a way that even us "non-techies" don't have a problem understanding it.
I already have a project in the works and I am very excited! Congrats! � You have done a marvelous job!!!
Ronnie Bussey
Hey Ben �
I come from a programming background and I know how useful this book can be for anybody who is truly serious about building a profitable software business on the Internet. Software development is not a difficult process and your book successfully shows how anyone (not just a programmer) can do it by following your step-by-step system. Your writing style is clear and the book does not have any technical jargons that would seem alien to non-techies. Kudos to you!
In particular, I like your BluePrint method which I feel the technique really stood out � it's practical and simple enough. This section alone is worth the price of the book especially when planning is the most crucial aspect of any software development project, speaking from my own experience. You've done a fantastic job, congratulations!
Adam Lok
"Your One Stop Source on Mini Sites..."
Articles, tips and links to useful resources on building one- or two-page web sites.
Dear BenJamin,
Before reading your book, I had a lengthy list of questions relating to hiring a programmer to do a project for me. Your book neatly answered all my questions and concerns, and very likely prevented me from making some costly mistakes.
Boyd Stone
Ben �
I am still contemplating all the information that I have just read. "Software SecretsExposed!" is loaded with great information and covers just about everything one needs to be aware of before successfully selling software on the Internet.
I am currently developing a web site for a client to sell a web-based software solution and your ebook has provided my client with definate strategies he can now implement...
� and that's WITHOUT any hype!
Zahid Saddique
Dear Ben,
You've has put together one fine book! I had ventured into producing a little software application, and had given up because I'm not a programmer!
What rubbish! I had taught myself enough to get the thing going, and your manual will help me see it to fruition.
Great going, Ben!
Mary Evans
I am very impressed with your "Software SecretsExposed!" ebook and read the entire book in one sitting. As a former technical writer for several software development firms, I am very aware of what happens when you don't properly plan your software projects � i.e. chaos and expensive budget overruns and a product that fails.
Your ebook does an excellent job of showing product developers how to take the mystery out of the planning process and shows them exactly how their projects can be successful using your Blueprint Method to ensure that they develop not only a great software product, but a profitable one.
Your book will help a lot of people to make a lot of money. Congratulations on a great book!
Linda Locke
Regent Press
If you have a 95% good impression of the software course, let me get it up to a perfect 100% by telling you this �
With no commercial affiliation on my part and based solely on having seen the main book, I can say that if you are at all interested in investigating the possibilities of venturing into software, this is an excellent and comprehensive guide on how to set off into lucrative software business, even if you are a complete beginner.
After reading this info, it's probably worth at least twice its current price.
G Silburn
The title says it all: You will learn the whole process of developing your winning and profitable idea all the way to selling it and "living the dream."
First of all, I was impressed by the fact that you don't even have to obtain any software writing skills. Ben reveals the best way of doing this. Although my partner and I prefer the do-it-yourself method, for bigger projects we will surely use Ben's formula!
I mostly liked the Getting-The-Idea part. Although I've been marketing online for over a year there was plenty about this part � I did not know!
My overall impression of the course is that it's more than great and useful � worth more than the price than it's being offered for!
I really RECOMMEND you to get it!
My rating for the technical part: 10
And for the informative it gets: 10
Overall rating: 10
I would recommend you to get it immediately because the price went up last week. So it may jump even more this week.
P.S. I once said that from all the ebooks I've ever read and reviewed NetProfitMap was the only one that got FULL 10.
Well Ben's course is the second one that gets FULL 10 rate!
And believe me I have seen many hundreds of ebooks so I really know which one is quality and which is pure trash!
Dmitry Nanev
Hey Ben �
I've always wanted to successfully market my own software product. Until I read "Software SecretsExposed!" this dream was totally out of my reach. But now I feel that I have the ability and confidence to create not only one but a whole line of software products -- thanks to "Software Secrets".
The book convincingly answers what I find are the 2 most crucial questions:
1) How to come up with software ideas and �
2) How to successfully market your software product once you've created it �
You have provided THE blueprint for anyone interested in getting into the lucrative field of software product development.
Michael F.
It never even occurred to me that I could have my own software package to sell online... until I read your ebook! What a breakthrough!
It lays everything out step-by-step so even a techno-dummie like me can get my own piece of the Bill Gates pie! Thank you so much for putting together such an incredibly useful resource for a *very* non-technical person! Great Job!
Jim Edwards, co-author
"How to Write and Publish your own eBook... in as little as 7 Days"
Programming can be subdivided into two categories. There is, on the one hand, the purely technical aspect of things in which a person must know one, or more, programming languages in order to generate the code that will give expression to a software concept. And, on the other hand, there is the process of coming up with an original software concept and, then, structuring that idea so that it can be encoded through a language.
Ben Prater's book: "Software SecretsExposed!" is about the latter aspect of programming - which, in truth, is the most fundamental and important facet of struggling to bring a software project to life. An old computer adage claims: 'garbage in, garbage out', and Ben Prater's book is all about how to avoid putting structural garbage into a software project so that the end result will accomplish what was originally conceived, and do so in an efficient, if not, elegant manner.
Does Ben's book show you how to do software programming? If by this, you mean: 'to do coding', then, the simple answer is "no". But, if one understands that programming demands a lot more than an ability to know how to code a project, then, you will come to appreciate the fact that his book does take you into the inner sanctums of programming secrets - which are entirely conceptual, structural, and organizational in nature - no coding required.
You can contract out for program coders, and you can contract out for creative, structural programming expertise. Why not discover how you have the latter capabilities within you by reading Ben Prater's book, and, then, you can proceed to the relatively easy part - hiring a coder, when you have your software idea all mapped out through a structured blue print - a process for which Ben's book provides a great deal of insight and guidance.
With warmest regards,
Dr. Bill Whitehouse
Run The Gamut
Hi Ben,
Just a quick note to let you know how much I am learning from "Software SecretsExposed!" As a Website Automation Consultant I work with webmasters to create a self sustaining environment allowing them the time to promote their offers. Of course the way to do this is by using Scripts written in a variety of languages.
During the years I have found, on more than one occasion, that the needs of my clients may be difficult to meet because there isn't that "just right" package available and trying to acquire it can be a difficult task because the insiders rarely wish to share their knowledge or expertise at a cost effective price.
With "Software Secrets Exposed" I can see I'll be able to do more than just bridge that gap .. I'll be able to create a super highway to better serve my clients and greatly augment my income!
Thanks for a GREAT Product!
Best Regards,
Mike Allton
ASU Service
Hey Ben...
Many thanks for a GREAT Report on Software. I wish I had this when I put together 2 software programs. It would have saved me $5,750!
Don Alm
In our ebook "Top 10 eBizs For The 21st Century" we outlined the Software Business as one of the best for entrepreneurs to get involved in. "Top 10" touched on some of the same things you mentioned in your ad for "Software SecretsExposed!"
The fact that you don't have to be a programmer to capitalize on this HUGE market. Your book really gets down to the nuts and bolts info that folks need to take advantage of the software industry.
Now we find that we need to update "Top 10" and add a link to your amazing reference. Great Job!
Doug West
Kosoma Publishing
I have over 35 years experience working with computers. I have been everything from a computer operator, programmer, system analyst, database administrator, and system implementor. I have installed programs from free to costing tens of thousands of dollars.
I wish they had used your blueprint modeling in their system design and programming. I wholeheartly agree that most of the program development time should be spent in analysis and design and not coding. Even with the rapid development software, it still pays to do your planning up front.
My mind is buzzing with projects I plan to blueprint and develop for marketing. Great course, I am signing up for the affilate program.
Tom Freeman
[email protected]
I'm an engineer and publisher who has always been intimated by programers and software development until now! After reading Ben Prater's "Software SecretsExposed!" I know I can create software.
And I know anyone else can do the same, even if you're not "technical". His "Software SecretsExposed!" is very inspirational and exciting.
Plus Ben takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know about software, including coming up with the idea, development, programming, and marketing.
He gives you a cookbook approach that's so easy to follow, and when you do you'll have your own successful software empire."
Bob Chambers
"Software SecretsExposed!" contains a thorough explanation of putting together a detailed requirements document that any programmer should be able to understand.
I have experience in the programming and consulting world, and know the value of requirements docs -- they save immense amounts of time and money!
I'd recommend your book to anyone who's exploring the area of software development, from the contractor working with other programmers who wants to get the project done in a timely and cost-efficient manner, to the do-it-yourself'er who wants to organize their ideas into a workable plan. Great job!
Pat Flanagan
Your book is really long on how-to. I'm amazed! I've bought so many eBooks and courses that turn out to be mainly fluff and philosophy. Not yours!
This course is no light read. It's going to take some real study and thinking time to extract the knowledge you've poured into it.
I've always stayed away from anything requiring programming because I've never had the time to learn the skills, but now my notebook already has a growing list of project ideas, and I'm excited about the prospects. Thanks for writing this book and making it available.
Charles Burke
[email protected]
Ben's "Software SecretsExposed!" is the Cool-Hand Luke of world-shaker e-books. It's a knock-down-punch-out kick you between the teeth adrenaline rush, that reveals how anybody with a vision and can apply these methods to create a rock solid future for themselves!
Matt West
[email protected]
I have been a programmer for the past 15 years and have written many applications.
I ordered your book because I felt I can always learn something more.
Your material on building the "Blueprint" at the beginning of the project has been very valuable as a reminder of something I have known for a long time but frequently forget in the excitement of developing a project.
I am working on a software program now that I expect to be very profitable and I am reviewing my plan again in the frame of your Blueprint example.
Peter Ayers
Hi Ben �
I found "Software SecretsExposed!" a quick easy read that separated the wheat from the chaff in terms if I should attempt my own programming, or just organize the projects for someone else to code. Thanks to your book, I've probably saved myself a lot of time, money, and trouble.
Best Regards,
Allen Merkley
Hi Ben,
I needed to organise some server side custom software for a website, and frankly I had no idea where to start. Thanks to your info I now feel totally confident of being able to handle the whole thing.
This ranks right up there with best 97 dollars I have spent to date online.
Great job,
I just purchased "Software SecretsExposed!". While just skimming through it with my database designer, we came up with several cost-effective, easy to implement ideas to help generate income. As an Executive Director of a nonprofit, this is VERY exciting. Thank you for the new hope and new possibilities you've created for us.
Ana-Marie Jones, Executive Director
CARD, Serving People with Special Needs in Times of Disaster
Hi Ben,
Thanks for your informative e-book "Software SecretsExposed!"
I especially like the BluePrint. Those ideas alone are worth the entire cost of the e-book. I will be able to follow that model in my full-time programming job immediately. And I know it will be very beneficial to me as I build my web business, too.
My 20+ years of programming would have been much easier if the companies I worked for had always followed the simple steps of the BluePrint! Thanks!
Jeff Hope
Finally � a guide to creating the software programs you need, on a limited budget- and how to market them, too. If you've ever thought "someone" should make a better program... After reading this � you will be able to create and sell your own programs, from now on. Truly a one-of-a-kind course, where you are only limited by your own imagination. I highly recommend this book.
William Finnern
I just read the book and have started to read it again immediately!
So much information and great ideas.
I have used some already and have only had it for three days.
Keep the special reports and bonuses coming my way. Thanks!
Tim Gaffney
Great manual! I love the secrets on page 96 and the website "Zones". I wasn't going to do anything else with my free autoruns program, but I'm now developing a pro version and totally redesigning it's website. Thanks for the inspiration!
Mark Andrews http://www.autoruns.com
"The Ultimate Guide opened my eyes to the potential of developing software and gave me lots of new ideas."
Francis Miller www.internalbusinessplans.co.uk
I purchased "Software SecretsExposed!" a few days ago and found that each morning I wake up plus all thru-out the day, the only thing on my mind is Software Secrets...
I could not wait to read, learn more and use what I have learned from your book. I am very, very excited that I found this new book since I have a computer science degree that I received in 1978.
Yikes! Old science... I finally found a new quick source or course to guide me thru this new millennium of programming technology and all the information I need to succeed with ease in this new age...
I am very excited and am ready to start to develop my own software that this fantastic book taught me..
I am Ready to Make Serious Buckies :o) Thank you.
Be the next Bill Gates. If you sell information on the net, this product will absolutely blow your mind, as the profit potential is astronomical. An easy read and a e-book destined to be a classic read.
Wow Ben...
"Software SecretsExposed!" really covers the subject. The "blueprint" alone is worth the price of the whole package. It actually saves money because once you get started right, you don't have to go back and do it over. Good work!
Stephen A. Matuszak
Online Information Marketing Coach at http://www.successinfo.com
I have quite a few ideas in my mind from reading your Book! I haven't closed the book since I got it three days ago. As I read through the book the first time, I run on to things I never before would have thought of. Very helpful in my marketing business creating new avenues of profit in a different marketing arena!
Ben's course explains better then I could, how to make software development tactics vary easily work for you, in getting your project ideas up and running. Even more so, how to take the knowledge Ben has poured into this book and use it to create vast amounts of wealth for your business!
Building a software based website has always been in the back of my mind! I never knew how to take the right steps to accomplish this task. after reading your book "Software SecretsExposed!" I now have taken the first steps to the software development blueprints and design I've been looking for! Thanks Ben!
Dan Hornburg
Previous to buying "Software SecretsExposed!", I'd had several nightmare experiences hiring programmers. One project was supposed to be done in a month, it took a year, the final price tag was more than FOUR times what was originally quoted and ultimately I still had to scrap the whole thing. If I'd had the information presented in Ben's book, I would have saved myself a lot of time, money and frustration.
Bill Harrison
Wow! "Software SecretsExposed!" is really cool! I've been tinkering with a project of my own for the past six months and just can't seem to find a way to get it organized. Your book has given me the plan to make my software project ideas a reality! The BluePrint idea alone is just plain awesome! I can't wait to put your ideas into action and would recommend Software Secrets Exposed to anyone who is even remotely thinking about trying to develop software. Keep up the great work.
Martin Greening
"Software SecretsExposed!" has opened up new possibilities for products for my business. I had no idea that I would be able to turn my ideas into profitable software, but now I know how! Thanks for the very profitable information.
Craig Hardee
I've read through "Software SecretsExposed!" two times now, and it has helped me grasp, the value of creating software. I know I'll refer to it often. Your ebook is a real motivator, full of time and money saving tips and techniques. How refreshing to know that you can create and market software that sells for 10 times what a typical online ebook sells for. I'd rather sell one application for $500 than 10 ebooks.
I've been either writing my ideas down on a notebook or using a pocket recorder. Like Ben says, "If you don't save your ideas, you'll lose them." What I like about using the recorder, is that I can play it back and get still more ideas!
Since I've been tuned in to software ideas, I'm beginning to spot more and more of them. The ideas were always there, but now they are jumping out at me! Just like Ben said they would.
What impressed me the most about "Software SecretsExposed!" was the way Ben explained what tasks are involved and how to accomplish them. The most helpful things I learned from Ben are:
1. The importance of creating a blueprint to guide you through the entire process. Now I know why Ben treats his blueprints like gold.
2. Even though I've never written a line of code, "Software SecretsExposed!" has given me the confidence and knowledge that I can have someone else code it for me.
3. Ben outlines the tasks to be performed from brainstorming ideas to marketing your software from your website.
Don Friesen
"Make your affiliate programs REALLY PAY!" The easy Way to create a stream of fast, low-cost, mini sites that create an incredible cash flow 24-Hours a Day, Non-Stop!"
A quick word about value for money. As well as the detailed book, I have received within 5 days � 2 additional 'secret' bonuses not mentioned on the site that are great value on their own.
I am not very imaginative, but I found that I could come up with ideas using the simple techniques he describes. He gives details on how to come up with a program about 'bird watching' which I know nothing about yet still I understood his clear methodology and I could apply it to other areas. I even came up with a great idea inspired by the book without even thinking about creating one.
Currently working for someone in creating a program. The person gained my services for free using a technique described in the book to create a type of software that some companies are renting for $3,500 per month. Unforunately, neither of us had read his book beforehand and did not employ his easy blueprint method or other secrets so half way though I had to do a complete rewrite of the software. If we had had the book I would not have had to do the extra work and he would not have had to wait the extra time.
Finally, his info on the 17 zones of a successful website is a far more complete description than I have read from many of the web marketing courses I have bought.
"Software SecretsExposed!" is an excellent peace of work! What I never thought possible, became easier than I ever could imagine. Many ideas were born while reading it, and many more are coming while reading it for the second time. "Letting Others Come Up With Your Idea" was the chapter of most value to me. Do yourself a favor, and be on your way to achieve what giants have!
Tatiana Velitchkov
The Fortunes, LLC
"Software SecretsExposed!" is a "one-off". I having been to developing products for a number of years but the software market has always eluded me. Now after reading Ben's book this is no longer the case. Software is probably the most profitable and most widely bought resource there is on the net � you are shooting yourself in the foot if you do not buy this book today!
Damian Qualter
I've read through your "Software SecretsExposed!" report twice since I received it last week. Your BluePrint is a great way to design a project. I've started using it for a project that I hope to market soon. The information in your report is well worth the cost and I plan on earning many times the cost from marketing my own software products.
Dave Burniston
Independent Representative
Retire Quickly Corporation
[email protected]
I like Ben Prater's "Software SecretsExposed!" Blueprint because it gives me an eye-opening, step-by-step guide to success in the world of software development. Pilots have lists, and doctors have reference books. This future software developer now has one useful starting point, thanks to Ben Prater.
Manuel Viloria
I love the content of this ebook - it's about time someone wrote something intelligent about the whole software creation process.
Your breakdown is brilliant and this will truly be the "blueprint" by which our company approaches our future software development projects. Great job and I wish you much success with your company.
Casey Olynyk
Intrigue Learning Services
Hi Ben,
After recently purchasing your Software Secrets ebook, I was quite simply blown away by the way you broke down the complex world of software development into a simple step by step action guide. I'm convinced anyone who applies your methods can make money with their own software projects.
Thanks for this unique expose into the software world.
Gilles Cote
I am writing to tell you about my initial experiences with "Software SecretsExposed!". I have always had ideas for products and inventions, but had never effectively pursued any of them. I have been working in IT for consultants, software vendors, and private industry. Even with all of my experience, I found myself falling prey to many of the mistakes detailed in "Software SecretsExposed!".
I am now pursuing my latest idea. I am building the feature list and will be downloading my competition for a trial to get more ideas on what to include. I look forward to working on this with an effective gameplan. In the past, I would start coding right away and then never finish the work after the initial excitement faded and the difficulty increased. The approach you provide has given me a more complete picture of what it will take to create a software product and bring it to market. This is a huge advantage over my previous attempts. I also have taken to heart your simple advice of doing something every day. I have started to apply this advice to all of my personal projects. It makes a huge difference.
Thanks again.
John M. Solberg
Before I opened this book, I was a little worried that maybe I wouldn't be able to understand the language but I am amazed at how you have made it so understandable. It is truly awe-inspiring how these secrets can be used by anyone for any application they may be considering. Excellent, excellent, excellent!
Michelle Grover
Dear Ben,
I really enjoyed your book on software development you have a real winner. I have been brainstorming ideas since I read the chapter that dealt with that I currently have about 15 solid Ideas to work on two I want to get in the works.
The real gold in this book is the chapter on blueprinting this really nails down how to get the project done. Putting the project in this form you can move faster with fewer problems. I have never seen this method used with a creative venture before. This could be adapted to other areas as well.
David Betts
"Software SecretsExposed!" is awesome! First of all, it has to be the best-written eBook I've ever read. (Most eBooks seem like they're written by 4th grade English dropouts.)
Secondly, the information you provide is simply incredible. You've opened my eyes to an exciting, new income possibility, one that I never knew existed for us "small guys". You should be charging 10 times your current price!
Greg Bennett
[email protected]
I have spent over 20 years in the computer industry, and in that time I have read many technical manuals, and learnt no end of jargon.
How refreshing to read a book that makes easy reading, and that gets its message across without resorting to endless jargon.
This book covers some very powerful professional techniques in a very enjoyable way.
Paul Cooke

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